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Amy Recommends

Amy recommends:

  • – Pritchett and Hull brings people and health together.  P-H is the Atlanta-based publisher of the Nursing Novellas series, and has been providing high quality health education materials since 1973.
  • – Use this site to find your local AHEC (Area Health Education Center).  Across the nation, AHECs work to improve the health of individuals and communities by transforming health care through education.
  • – Fran London takes a no-nonsense, real-world approach to patient education.  The updated version of her book, “No Time To Teach: A Nurse’s Guide for Patient and Family Education” is pocket-sized for the busy nurse on the go.
  • – With breakthrough professional books such as SPEAK YOUR TRUTH ( HCPro, 2005) and ENDING NURSE-TO-NURSE HOSTILITY (HCPro, 2006), Kathleen is changing nursing by compassionately holding a mirror to the profession and exposing a century of hidden truths.
  • – Scott Hagwood is the four-time National Memory Champion and America’s first and only Grand Master of Memory, and can help you discover the power of your own amazing mind and your inherent ability to learn and retain information.
  • – The Health Care Education Association is a multi-disciplinary professional organization of health care educators that creates resources, instruction, & communications for both staff and clients.
  • -The purpose of NNSDO is to foster the art and science of nursing staff development, promote the image and professional status of nursing staff development, encourage and support nursing research and application of research findings in practice, and provide a platform for nurses engaged in staff development practice to discuss issues and make decisions related to the continuing evolution of the field of nursing staff development.