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Community College Faculty Review: Nursing Novellas

As a Registered Nurse for 28 years, I have learned to keep reading to make sure I am current in the profession. This involves using not only educational resources related to my teaching duties at a Community College, but also keeping current with my own continuing education requirements for licensure.

I had seen an advertisement for Nursing Novellas: books that promised to not only give educational credit, but provide a new, fun way to review professional issues.

Once I started with each of the two Novellas, I could not stop the reading. I found myself remembering similar issues that I had dealt with throughout my career. I could place myself as each of the characters at times, and found that they sometimes had experiences similar to my own.

The vast experiences in a nursing career give you joys and sorrows beyond measure. After completing and sending in for education credit, I could not get the books off my mind. I saw them as a future “pearl in the sand” and envisioned using them as a teaching resource. At Richmond Community College in Hamlet NC, I am priviledged to be a part of the Faculty of the Medical Assistant Program. We teach a specific course in professionalism, and boundaries we need to have with patients and families as well as in the work setting. In the Nursing Novellas series, I had found two new texts to use. Lions and Tigers and Nurses and Broken Heart will be our resource books for the Fall 2010 course.

What a wonderful way for me to remember the past, and a wonderful tool to teach rising health care professionals of the future. Special things come in small, precious packages sometimes.

Jeanne Ray Hardee
Richmond Community College
Hamlet, NC

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