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Was there a “lightbulb” moment when nursing novellas came together?

Several years ago, I worked in a hospital as an educator.  A new patient tower was under construction, and during that time, some of the departments and patient care areas were shifted around. The Emergency Department triage desk was moved closer to my office, so I’d pass by it several times a day.  I started to notice that if the nurses were having a slow moment, they’d often pick up a nursing journal or a book and start reading while they waited for the next patient to arrive.  I’d also notice that in the hospital cafeteria during breaks, I’d see lots of nurses sipping coffee and taking a brief escape behind the pages of a newspaper, magazine or a novel.  Then it dawned on me one day – what if learning something new could be as easy as reading a story?  I began writing an educational staff development story shortly thereafter, and when I finished and implemented it, the story was very well received by employees of the hospital.

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