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Why did you choose lateral violence as the subject for your first story?

Lateral violence is at the forefront of every mind in health care right now.  Nursing shortages continue to grow, and while many schools and health care organizations are struggling to put new nurses into the pipeline supplying the nursing workforce, there are just as many individuals and organizations that are looking at the ‘drainpipe’ that takes capable and competent nurses out of employment.  With the news that more than half of all new-to-practice nurses will leave their place of employment due to lateral violence, everyone realizes that it’s time to take lateral violence seriously and do everything that we can to remove it from nursing culture.  If lateral violence continues to erode the workforce at the rate that it currently does, it will ultimately mean that our quality of health care will be dramatically compromised.  This is why I chose lateral violence for the first novella topic.  It’s timely and high priority.  It isn’t just an interpersonal issue; it’s a workforce issue.  It’s a quality of care issue.  It’s a survival issue.

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