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There’s already a lot of information out there on lateral violence, why is Lions and Tigers and Nurses the best way to learn how to deal with it?

I wouldn’t say that Lions and Tigers and Nurses is necessarily the best way to learn about lateral violence, but it is certainly a unique and different way to learn.  The story is based on concepts and ideas presented in evidence-based research published by contemporary experts.  I recommend to all readers of Lions and Tigers and Nurses that they refer to the suggested reading list in the back of the book, and take a look at some of the factual information that was used to create the story.  What’s different about Lions and Tigers and Nurses is that it gives readers characters and situations that they can relate to, and illustrates some of the major learning takeaways about lateral violence in a way that is entertaining and memorable.  There are also reflective questions at the end of the book that readers can use as individual learners, or within a group of others who have read the story, that will prompt additional thinking and exploration of lateral violence.

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