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Author Bio: Amy Glenn Vega

"Amy Glenn Vega: Author of the Nursing Novellas series"Amy Glenn Vega, MBA, MHA, RHEd, FAHCEP, is not a nurse, nor does she play one on TV. However, she has worked closely with nurses for nearly twenty years in her career as a healthcare educator and a former Emergency Medical Technician-Intermediate. A gifted storyteller, Amy has woven educational content into fiction stories in her series, Nursing Novellas, published by Pritchett and Hull Associates, Inc., in Atlanta, GA. She is the recipient of a number of awards for her work in the series, including the National Nursing Staff Development’s Excellence in Humor award, and the Health Care Education Association’s Excellence in Practice in Staff Development award. Amy is also a North Carolina Registered Health Educator and a Fellow to the Academy of Health Care Education Professionals.


Amy’s Nursing Novellas series is in use in multiple worksites and colleges across the nation as curriculum and required reading. The first title in the series, Lions and Tigers and Nurses, has been ranked a #1 bestseller in Nurse & Patient publications on, and has been called one of the best 25 fiction books ever written about nursing.


What People are Saying about Nursing Novellas


Lions and Tigers and Nurses

  • “We have utilized Lions and Tigers and Nurses as one of the readings in our Nursing Professional Development Book Club Series. Our staff has found this novella eye-opening as they identified with different characters in the book throughout their careers. As a result, more than 75% of the book club participants have changed their behaviors in a positive way toward their patients and co-workers.”
    ~Becky Stafford, MSN, RN-BC, WakeMed, Cary, NC
  • “… One of the best 25 fiction stories ever written about nursing…”
    ~LPN to RN Blog
  • “Amy Glenn Vega’s Lions and Tigers and Nurses is a wonderful story that pulls you in, keeps you turning the pages, and leaves you with a new understanding of complex interpersonal issues.”
    ~ Fran London, MS, RN, Phoenix Childrens Hospital, AZ
  • “I believe that this book, with its ‘in action’ nursing practice examples woven in, highlights the possibility of real change.
    ~ Martha Griffin, RN, CS, PhD, Boston Medical Center, MA
  • “In my more than 20 years at my hospital library, Lions and Tigers and Nurses has been the most popular title ever.”
    ~Michael Wold, MLS, OSF St. Mary Medical Center, Galesburg, IL
  • “What a great way engage the learner and earn credit!! Lions and Tigers and Nurses provides a new and exciting alternative to traditional workshops.”
    ~ Lyn Keating, MS, Training and Development Consultant, Wilmington, NC


 Broken Heart

  • “Imagine, getting continuing education credits for your pleasure reading and gaining insight into one of the most difficult issues with which nurses struggle!”
    ~ Karen Weaver, APRN, PhD, Clayton State University, Atlanta, GA
  • “This novella would make a great book club topic for a unit that deals with loss-or any unit wanting to help the staff grow and cope with the facets of caring for others.”
    ~ Kimberly Hume, RN, Barnes Jewish Childrens Hospital, St. Louis, MO


Through Other Eyes

  • “I am impressed with how ‘Through Other Eyes’ introduced the subject of language and cultural diversity without first referencing the laws, which is how most professionals come to understand their obligations.
    Chapter 12 was an eye-opener and I will surely recommend it as a must read to help the public understand Title VI of the the Civil Rights Act of 1964.”
    ~M. Terry Hodges, Compliance Attorney N.C. Dept. of Health and Human Services
  • “Through Other Eyes” tackles the ever present issues surrounding diversity with compassion and understanding, all while giving practical guidance on communication with patients and colleagues.”
    ~ Marcus Engel, Author of ‘The Other Side of the Stethoscope,’ Orlando, FL


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